5 Best Practices for Email Marketing List Management



Properly managing and maintaining your contact lists is a critical yet often overlooked component of effective email marketing. Once you’ve grown an organic list of quality contacts, you’ll want to manage it to ensure the integrity of the list moving forward.

List maintenance has become a necessary best practice for email marketing success. Hard bounces, soft bounces, and unengaged subscribers can have a negative impact on email deliverability, not to mention they also negatively affect your email marketing KPIs. So here are five best practices for managing and maintaining your email marketing lists.

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Five Reasons Why Your Email Gets Blocked

The question that I typically get asked the most often is, “What are the main reasons that my email gets blocked?” More often than not, the question cannot be answered easily and takes some investigation to uncover the reason or reasons why emails get blocked. Unfortunately, the marketing automation provider or email service provider may not be able to pinpoint the reason either, but reviewing bounce logs will typically help. I have come up with a list of the top five reasons why an email would typically get blocked or blacklisted below:


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The Art of Selecting Mailing Lists and Profiting in Direct Mail

There’s an art to selecting the right mailing lists for direct mail campaigns. Pick the wrong lists and you can waste thousands of dollars in stamps and printing. Select the right lists and you can earn three or four times what you invested in the mailing. Most companies which use direct mail successfully follow several key steps in selecting their mailing lists and executing their campaigns.

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What is a blacklist? — And why you need to avoid it

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Definition: A blacklist is a collection of IP addresses that are believed to distribute spam; emails from these addresses are either blocked or routed to the recipient’s spam folder. Blacklists are identified by spam filters, which use set criteria to identify emails believed to be of a malicious or spammy nature. Ensuring that emails are delivered and blacklists are avoided is the first critical step to successful email marketing.

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