is email marketing dead?


There are many people who are determined to make us believe that e-mail is generally dead, that is no longer used, but that’s not entirely true. We have to consider the fact that many business related matters are still engaged to e-mail and we must look at it at least once a day, one way or another.

Well done e-mail marketing campaign can help us promote our business and give us an important visibility, but for that, we need to create newsletters appropriate to the goal we want to achieve.

To start running an e-mail marketing campaign we need, apart from having a database of potential customers who have subscribed to our newsletter accordance with the Law on Data Protection, have a designed newsletter that will seem very attractive to our potential customers. For this reason, before running any campaign or even keep using e-mail marketing, we cannot help but wonder is e-mail marketing still relevant? Yes, it is.
Here are some of the facts and main reasons that clearly make us see the importance of this tool:

4.3. billions of e-mail accounts send 196 billion e-mail daily
This statistic is shocking and clearly demonstrates that the use of this communication method is not dead and is still very present in daily lives of regular customers. This statistic exceeds Google searches and posts made on social networks by far.

91% of people check their e-mail daily
Out of 95% of people who use Internet daily, 91% checks their e-mail accounts at least once a day. Whether it is for direct communications, many confirmations that we need to complete through e-mail or any other reasons, e-mail keeps its place on the top.

E-mail is a channel that belongs to you
While social networks and online search engines use algorithms with new entries indexed and somehow decide who can be seen and who cannot, e-mail marketing is a channel that belongs to you and it did not change over. We can still talk 1 to 1 with the person we are sending an e-mail to and nobody else can see it except the precipitants.

77% of people prefer communication via e-mail
It is important to be able to capitalize from this information and communicating with your customer by the method they prefer.

E-mail provides personal communication
You can send very specific messages to a certain amount of people you’ve segmented with a high degree of customization
The most successful companies still use e-mail as the main channel because they get on average 4300% ROI.

Summing up all these statistics, we can conclude that e-mail marketing is not only still relevant but it keeps growing instead. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 76% of specialists use e-mail marketing more than they did three years ago.

Allowing your sales opportunities combined with useful and relevant content, it will help build a relationship with your customers, which helps when putting you on a position of consultant helping to solve the problems of your customers.

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