Optimizing Deliverability and Inbox Placement

In order to get the best deliverability and inbox placement rates, you need to establish yourself as a legitimate sender by developing a good reputation with mailbox providers (like Gmail and Hotmail). Here’s how:

1. Permission – only email to the people who have subscribed to receive your mail

2. Transparency – make sure your content is relevant to the recipient. Display meaningful information in the Subject, From, and Reply-to headers

3. Invalid Users – Remove hard bounces (invalid recipient addresses) immediately from all future mailings

4. Stop sending to recipients who don’t want your mail, specifically:

  • Remove spam complaints and unsubscribe requests
  • Remove inactive users (no opens/clicks in 30 days)
  • See below for more instructions on List Hygiene

5. Suppress recipients who you know (for any reason) should not be mailed to

6. Avoid the following BAD practices:

  • Sending messages without testing and proofreading
  • Hide the sender or use a misleading subject line
  • Hide the unsubscribe link or ignore unsubscribe requests
  • Buy email lists – especially those from untrustworthy sources
  • Sell your list to a third party without permission

Positive Engagements:

High open rates.
High click rates.
Reply/Forward your messages.
Moved from Junk to Inbox Folder.
From email added to recipient contacts.
Time spent to read message.

Negative Engagements:

High Invalid addresses
High Spam Complaints
High Unsubscribes
Delete without reading

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